What European country is the favorite, new destination among travelers today? Would you have guessed Poland!!! Poland.

Yes, Poland.

After years on the sidelines, Poland has at last captured the fancy of travelers from far and wide. We at American Travel Abroad, who were born there, know the country and have been promoting its virtues, are not in the least surprised. After all, Poland has everything presentday travelers are hungering for.

A rich and stirring historic past. Quaint, colorful traditions. An incredible panorama of spectacular scenery for every taste, from untrammeled seashores to breathtaking mountain majesty. But wait! Lest you think that we are mired in the past, Poland also offers you dynamic, modern lifestyles with her grand boutiques, gourmet restaurants, great music and art and scintillating nightlife. Truth to tell, it’s the best of all possible worlds.

Poland 2009 – Beyond Your Imagination

Poland 2009 Brochure

Poland 2009 Brochure