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Familiar with that old, tongue-in-cheek adage, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’? That’s the philosophy we are following at American Travel Abroad this year. Our all- Europe tours and hotel packages last season were so popular, we are repeating the entire program this year. For starters, we are pleased to re-introduce our entire tour program to nine enchanting, Old World countries and twelve favorite destinations.

If you have only limited time, we suggest two 8-day itineraries, ‘Holiday in Prague & Vienna’ or ‘The Vienna & Budapest Fling.’ Our 11-day ‘Imperial Cities’ tour, for example, shows you the best of historic Prague, friendly Vienna and exotic Budapest. For a close-up look at a country that’s juggling traditions with dynamic progress, choose one of our many tours that includes Poland. If you want to see it all, we recommend ‘Where Czars & Emperors Once Ruled,’ 20 days exploring Russia, the Baltics, Poland, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Two of our tours also visit Germany. At American Travel Abroad, it is our desire to blend basic sightseeing with unique cultural experiences. The range is broad – from a night at the opera in Prague, a Strauss-Mozart evening in Vienna to folklore in Budapest.Wherever and whenever possible, we introduce you to the native cuisine of the countries on tour. And, in response to many requests, we give you ample free time to pursue your own interests.

We have not overlooked the independent travelers among you. For them, we have created our special hotel packages: three-night visits all over the European continent at a broad range of hotels, five-star luxury to three-star comforts.With daily breakfasts, transfers, some sightseeing, taxes and service charges. From ‘A’ as in Amsterdam and Athens to ‘Z’ as in Zagreb and Zurich and 29 popular destinations in-between. You pick the cities. “We’ll see to it that you get from one place to the other, by plane, train, motorcoach or in your own rental car.”

If you have taken one of our tours in the past, you know that we give you not only superb value for your dollar, we also take great pride in making the whole experience so unforgettable that you will want to travel with us again and again.

Europe 2009 – The Annual All-Europe Travel Planner

Europe 2009 Planner

Europe 2009 Planner