State Certified Road Test

We are a private third party testing service certified by the Department of State to conduct road skill tests. All our personnel are trained to administer the road tests in a fair, honest and reliable manner.

Applicants under age 18 must complete the following requirements BEFORE taking the Road Skills Test

  • Complete a Segment One driver training course.
  • Obtain a Michigan Level 1 Learner’s License from the Secretary of State AND hold that License for a minimum of 180 days.
  • Complete and Log at least 50 hours of driving, with at least 10 hours at night with a parent or guardian or with parental permission with a licensed driver over 21 years of age.
  • Complete a Segment two driver training course.
  • Be at least 15 years of age.
  • Have NO Convictions, Civil Infractions, License Suspensions or At-Fault Crashes 90 day period during the immediately proceedings your skills test.
  • Be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian through the skills test.

Applicants over age 18 and not previously licensed, must meet these requirements before taking the Road Skills Test

  • Pass the Required vision and knowledge tests at a Michigan Secretary of State office.
  • Pay the required fees and obtain a Michigan Operator or Chauffeur Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP).
  • Practice driving on a Temporary Instruction Permit for a minimum of 30 days to become eligible to take the road skills test.
  • NOTE! If you have a driver license from any state and it has been expired for more than 4 years you will still have to take a Road Skills Test. But Do Make the Secretary of State employee aware of this and the 30 day practice period may be waved. This should be noted on the Temporary Instruction Permit by the Secretary of State Employee.

Applicants with driver license issued by foreign countries.

  • Might be able to waive the 30 day practice period.
  • Will need 3 original documents to prove identity and proof of residency in the state of Michigan
  • If your drivers license is not in English you will need a translation of your license for the Secretary of State and for the Skills Test Examiner.
  • With these documents go the Secretary of State office and Take the written test. If you will receive either a receipt or a Temporary Instruction Permit as appropriate from the Secretary of State. The 30 day practice period will be waved if your foreign driver license is accepted. Other wise you will not be able to take the Skills Test until the 30 day period has passed.

Road Test Fee – $45

Rental Car Fee – $20